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2011-01-06mesa: fix build for NetBSDPierre Allegraud
2010-09-01Cygwin: Adjust mklib so -linker and -cplusplus options are processed more lik...Jon TURNEY
2010-09-01Cygwin: Teach mklib/minstall to properly install libraries on cygwinJon TURNEY
2010-09-01Cygwin: Change mklib not to report the full archname on cygwinJon TURNEY
2010-09-01Cygwin: Have mklib exit with error code if link failsJon TURNEY
2010-03-12mklib: Fix amd64 builds on Solaris when using Sun compilersAlan Coopersmith
2010-03-01bin: Removeé Fonseca
2010-02-28Fixed mklib to properly merge static libraries on darwin.Alex Weiss
2010-02-22bin/mklib: Clear CDPATH to avoid damaging expand_archive outputKeith Packard
2010-02-20Cygwin build fix: Fix linkageJon TURNEY
2010-02-18Revert "Make mklib propogate all errors"Dan Nicholson
2010-02-18mklib: remove unused -contents_of_archives(), add commentsBrian Paul
2010-02-18Make mklib propogate all errorsJon TURNEY
2010-02-18mklib: Teach mklib to fail build if link fails on cygwinBrian Paul
2010-01-19mklib: Fix static library generation/installation on SolarisAlan Coopersmith
2010-01-08mklib: Extract archives into temporary directoriesDan Nicholson
2009-12-30mklib: use a wrapper for arBrian Paul
2009-12-24mklib: put usage info into usage() functionBrian Paul
2009-12-24mklib: expand .a into .o files on FreeBSD, put common code into subroutinesBrian Paul
2009-12-20darwin: mklib: Use lipo rather than file to figure out architectures of objec...Jeremy Huddleston
2009-11-04util: Remove homegrown Windows KM profiler.José Fonseca
2009-08-04mklib: Ensure target directory exists for libraryDan Nicholson
2009-06-08Cygwin build fixesJon TURNEY
2009-05-21minstall: Don't copy over an identical fileCarl Worth
2009-04-30mklib: replace if/expr with caseTormod Volden
2009-04-30mesa: Prepend "-Wl," to linking optionsTormod Volden
2009-03-25mklib improvements for SolarisAlan Coopersmith
2009-03-03autoconf: Update config.guess and config.sub from upstreamDan Nicholson
2008-10-10Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2Keith Whitwell
2008-10-06mesa: fix static library constructionBrian Paul
2008-09-11Merge branch 'gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2Keith Whitwell
2008-08-11Apple: Cleaned up some linking and dylib ids issuesJeremy Huddleston
2008-08-07raw2png: Fix channel order in a8b8g8r8/x8b8g8r8 formats.José Fonseca
2008-08-07raw2png: support some depth formats.José Fonseca
2008-07-22win32kprof: Store the profile data as an caller->callee hash table, instead o...José Fonseca
2008-07-22win32kprof: Generate callgraphs.José Fonseca
2008-07-22win32kprof: Convert tabs to spaces.José Fonseca
2008-07-22win32kprof: Consider the section alignment when estimating the image base.José Fonseca
2008-07-20raw2png: Handle r5g6b5 format.José Fonseca
2008-07-14mklib: don't version symbols when using --exportsJulien Cristau
2008-07-14mklib: don't version symbols when using --exportsJulien Cristau
2008-07-08raw2png: More helpful messages. Handle PIPE_FORMAT_A8B8G8R8_SNORM.José Fonseca
2008-07-08raw2png: Update formats from p_formats.hJosé Fonseca
2008-07-03Support conversion of YUV surfaces.José Fonseca
2008-06-21Solaris port of Mesa 7.1 with autoconf supportAlan Coopersmith
2008-06-21Make minstall work with Solaris /bin/shAlan Coopersmith
2008-06-19Parse the section:offset instead of the rva+base when reading mapfiles.José Fonseca
2008-06-12revert the DRI2 commitsAlan Hourihane
2008-06-11Bring in DRI2 changesAlan Hourihane
2008-06-05pull in minor mklib change to fix debuggingKeith Whitwell