BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastergenext2fs: needs largefile after version bumpPeter Korsgaard8 years
nextnfs-utils: bump to version 1.2.6Gustavo Zacarias8 years
2012.08commit 288b73995a...Peter Korsgaard8 years
2012.08_rc3commit 8437b56258...Thomas Petazzoni8 years
2012.08_rc2commit b58c83ae99...Thomas Petazzoni8 years
2012.08_rc1commit 4009cbbbf9...Thomas Petazzoni8 years
2012.05commit bce34ab199...Peter Korsgaard8 years
2012.05_rc3commit 0b0d7badb0...Peter Korsgaard8 years
2012.05_rc2commit b07ad40c1d...Peter Korsgaard8 years
2012.05_rc1commit 9f7bf3b63d...Peter Korsgaard8 years
2012.02commit 03ceab6d16...Peter Korsgaard8 years
2012.02_rc3commit 6d24b41b09...Peter Korsgaard8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-08-31Prepare for 2012.082012.08Thomas Petazzoni
2012-08-31Update CHANGES with resolved bugs in the 2012.08 cycleThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-31rrdtool: fix build with high BR2_JLEVEL settingsPeter Korsgaard
2012-08-29Remove BR2_SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR variableThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-29prboom, oprofile: Add explicit <foo>_SITE statementsThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-28remove rest of the BR2_SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR referencesStefan Fröberg
2012-08-27sqlite: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-26luajit: bug fix - prevent target CFLAGS from being used in host tool compile.Danomi Manchego
2012-08-26cups: uses fork(), only available on MMU platformsThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-26microperl: uses fork(), only available on MMU platformsThomas Petazzoni