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dotfiles[Vim] colors updateHugues Hiegel8 years
masterstuff.Hugues Hiegel4 days
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4 daysstuff.HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
4 daystypescript powerHugues Hiegel
2019-08-29[listchars] Manage spaces + tweak colorsHugues Hiegel
2019-08-29[bindings] quickkeys for textwidthHugues Hiegel
2019-08-29[statusline] Give enough room for LineNR columnHugues Hiegel
2019-07-26[FuzzyFinder] Use bundle instead of static filesHugues Hiegel
2019-07-12[RobotFramework] vim pluginHugues Hiegel
2019-07-12[Python] Python-mode fantastic IDEHugues Hiegel
2019-06-13[Syntax] Added JenkinsfileHugues Hiegel
2019-06-13[Colors] Better status line with full CMD / INS differentiationHugues Hiegel