BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
256_colors[COLORS] tests 256/88 colorsHugues Hiegel10 years
aneviaModifs en vracHugues Hiegel2 years
badkeysRevert "[KeyBindings] returns back to emacs-mode with some vi-stuff."Hugues Hiegel10 years
fuckingGit[zshrc] Recursive load : updates++Hugues Hiegel4 years
keys-segfault[Keys] resets every keybindings to defaultsHugues Hiegel10 years
masterModifs en vrac.... (Sérieusement !?)Hugues Hiegel8 months
no-utf8not multibyte-compliantHIEGEL Hugues11 years
oldmaster[ENV] Update STLinux 2.3Hugues Hiegel11 years
termcapsPreprint with termcapsHugues Hiegel11 years
vcsinfo[Prompt] subdirHugues Hiegel7 years
time-termcapscommit 7d32666544...Hugues Hiegel8 years
StandAloneRepositorycommit 6062d58cd8...Hugues Hiegel11 years
git-svncommit 8189834afd...hugues11 years
INITcommit e9a17bd985...Hugues Hiegel11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-07Modifs en vrac.... (Sérieusement !?)HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2018-10-02[Term Titles] Fix broken `%` escape sequence protectionHugues Hiegel
2017-10-12[Prompt] battery load / usageHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27Update my bindingsHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27Update my aliasesHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27Update zshhighlight colorsHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27[Prompts] update ssh-agent patternHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Anevia] Debian packaging full nameHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Anevia] Specific funcsHugues Hiegel