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2019-10-18stuff...HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2018-11-07Modifs en vrac.... (Sérieusement !?)Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18Colors..Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-17Merged from Anevia.Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-26[tmux][screen] termcaps, titles, prompt colors..Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-02[Env] termcaps Vs process_tree : don’t stick strickly up to binary pathHugues Hiegel
2013-09-20[Env] Tmux’s specific color only on specific network.Hugues Hiegel
2013-04-25[*] CommentsHugues Hiegel
2013-04-09[Env] colors : set red prompt in tmux pause sessionHugues Hiegel
2013-02-25[Env] Process tree checkup to get urxvt/tmux/screenHugues Hiegel
2012-03-07Revert "[Prompts] uses vcs_info"Hugues Hiegel
2012-03-07[Prompts] uses vcs_infoHugues Hiegel
2012-02-27[Env] histfile under ~Hugues Hiegel
2012-02-01Revert "[Env] exports COLUMNS"Hugues Hiegel
2012-01-24 -- HUGE CLEANUP -- Phase #1Hugues Hiegel
2012-01-19[Funcs] more termcaps cleanup, more beautiful fallbackHugues Hiegel
2012-01-19[Funcs] Better d1RtY zsh managmentHugues Hiegel
2012-01-19Manages termcaps only on good terminals.. (CORRECTION of TERM value)Hugues Hiegel
2012-01-18Manages termcaps only on good terminals.. (CORRECTIONS)Hugues Hiegel
2012-01-17Manages termcaps only on good terminals..Hugues Hiegel
2012-01-13[Prompts] termcaps usageHugues Hiegel
2011-12-12History.Hugues Hiegel
2011-09-29[Env] exports COLUMNSHugues Hiegel
2010-09-22[Colors,Prompts] Yeah! consoleHugues Hiegel
2010-09-06[Env] corrects HISTFILE hostname...Hugues Hiegel
2010-08-18[Gpg] allows gpg-agent to be accessible from ~/.zshrc..Hugues Hiegel
2009-10-01[Env] finger with stderr redirectionHugues Hiegel
2009-08-10[Env] DISPLAY guessing better-edHugues Hiegel
2009-07-31[Env] Guess current display nameHugues Hiegel
2009-05-26[Env] man & info paths update, with best priority to local man/info pagesHugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Colors] simplification of PS1_USER colors, and moved them into EnvironmentHugues Hiegel
2009-02-02[KEYCHAIN] meilleure gestion au login et à chaque promptHugues Hiegel
2009-01-30[ENV] sets GPG_TTY for mutt.Hugues Hiegel
2009-01-30[KEYCHAIN] just source the env files, don't startup at every shell...Hugues Hiegel
2009-01-30[KEYCHAIN] source file instead of executing it..Hugues Hiegel
2009-01-29[KEYCHAIN] startup scriptHugues Hiegel
2009-01-24(PATH) sbin also for unprivileged usersHugues Hiegel
2008-04-24MANPATH & INFOPATH both set to ~/local pages..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Colors codes moved to env,Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Get rid of this fucking SHELL binded to tcsh...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24~/local/bin is better than ~/bin ...Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-17Don't source the keychain when we are on a sudo shell.Hugues
2008-03-14Keychain managment. That should be better like this..Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-07Very much more better :Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-07=?utf-8?q?suppression=20de=20toutes=20les=20utilisations=20inutiles=20de=20ke...Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-07La meilleure conf du monde :o)hugues
2008-03-07Mises à jour du prompthugues
2008-03-07Petits correctifshugues