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2019-10-18stuff...HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2018-11-07Modifs en vrac.... (Sérieusement !?)Hugues Hiegel
2017-10-12[Prompt] battery load / usageHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27[Prompts] update ssh-agent patternHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[YeahConsole] ++Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-17Merged from Anevia.Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-01[Prompts] Strips domain from ssh_clientHugues Hiegel
2015-03-30[Prompts] Cleanup project : Use %v wildcards in PS1 - Step #1Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-26[tmux][screen] termcaps, titles, prompt colors..Hugues Hiegel
2014-01-24[Submodules] uses pretty-namesHugues Hiegel
2013-11-13[Prompts] DafUq with the color ⁉ Can’t remember any fucking idea ’bout it.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-13[Prompts] Submodules & submodulesHugues Hiegel
2013-10-01[Hbar] Uses search-replace to get value from a shell variableHugues Hiegel
2013-09-27[Internal] Uses Zsh’s power to construct fixed-length stringsHugues Hiegel
2013-09-20[Colors] Poopy dirty zsh prompt flushed.Hugues Hiegel
2013-08-23[Prompts][Git] Shows submodules pathHugues Hiegel
2013-08-07[Git] Updates…Hugues Hiegel
2013-08-06[Git] submodules statuses shown in taskbarHugues Hiegel
2013-08-05[Git] New stuff : gets « git config core.recursive » folders to get sub-bra...Hugues Hiegel
2013-08-01[Git] Better ahead/behind/diverged managmentHugues Hiegel
2013-06-21[Internal] Separates color from hbar, to make it usable outside zsh prompt.Hugues Hiegel
2013-05-20Revert "[Git] Improves speed for NFS folders.."Hugues Hiegel
2013-05-17[Git] Improves speed for NFS folders..Hugues Hiegel
2013-04-26[Git] debug chpwd / check tracking branchHugues Hiegel
2013-04-26[Git] improvments ...Hugues Hiegel
2013-04-25[*] CommentsHugues Hiegel
2013-03-28[DEBUG] Get this fucking prompt blackhole ...Hugues Hiegel
2012-11-29[Colors] Root’s got black in insane zsh.Hugues Hiegel
2012-10-25[Prompt] Always starts at BOL.Hugues Hiegel
2012-09-26Colorized vi-modeHugues Hiegel
2012-07-27[Git] new ffwd-able color + blinking stash..Hugues Hiegel
2012-07-20LA FLEMME ....Hugues Hiegel
2012-07-03Misc stuff / Prompt / VimHugues Hiegel
2012-06-20[Vim-mode] commands in same color as hbar.Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-19[Keys] Vim-mode.Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-19[Prompt] little display tweaks to speed up things. 'reset-prompt' zle rewritten.Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-19[Spaces Vs Tabs] 1 - 0Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-19[Prompt] PS2 aligned with PS1Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-19[Trash] removed.Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-15[Prompt] don't break current prompt.Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-14[Funcs] Internals / ZLE Widgets cleanupHugues Hiegel
2012-06-14[Keys] __up_up for rehash, reset, exec.Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-12vcsbranch extra info. no more chunkable..... /TODO/Hugues Hiegel
2012-06-07[Prompts] Lightens up the preexec, with better prompt_date updateHugues Hiegel
2012-06-07[Debug] better debug managmentHugues Hiegel
2012-06-07[Keys/Prompt] up up and awayyyHugues Hiegel
2012-06-06[Prompt] FANTASTIC STUFF : extensible prompt with TASKBAR and EXTRA_INFOHugues Hiegel
2012-06-05[Prompts] adds MAKEFLAGS into promptHugues Hiegel
2012-06-05[Prompts] corrects error with CHUNKABLE git branchHugues Hiegel