AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'x86/froyo-x86' into froyo-nextfroyo-x86Chih-Wei Huang
2011-03-29egl_android: assorted fixesChia-I Wu
2011-03-28gralloc: glFlush() should suffice for page flippingChia-I Wu
2011-03-28gralloc: improve page flip blockingChia-I Wu
2011-03-26gralloc: boost radeon performanceChia-I Wu
2011-03-26gralloc: improve radeon sync issueChia-I Wu
2011-03-26glsl: add missing generated filesChia-I Wu
2011-03-25gralloc: kernel module name is i915Chia-I Wu
2011-03-25android: fix buildingChia-I Wu
2011-03-25st/egl: add support for loading radeonChia-I Wu
2011-03-25egl_android: add support for loading radeonChia-I Wu
2011-03-25android: use __mmap2 for winsys/r600Chia-I Wu
2011-03-25gralloc: add radeon supportChia-I Wu
2011-03-25gralloc: rename i915 to intelChia-I Wu
2011-03-25gralloc: add multiple driver supportChia-I Wu
2011-03-25mesa: fix glDrawTex*Chia-I Wu
2011-03-25auxiliary: disable SSE translateChia-I Wu
2011-03-17mesa: one more missing pre-generated fileChia-I Wu
2011-03-17mesa: add more pre-generated filesChia-I Wu
2011-03-16egl_android: update surface geometryChia-I Wu
2011-03-16intel: advertise GL_OES_point_spriteChia-I Wu
2011-03-16i965c: add MESA_FORMAT_RGBA8888_REV to brw_format_for_mesa_formatChia-I Wu
2011-03-16mesa: advertise GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_twoChia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add's.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add pre-generated files.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add __DRI_IMAGE_FORMAT_RGBA8888_REV.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add DRM-based gralloc.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Make egl_android load DRI drivers.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add new classic EGL driver for Android.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add android backend for st/egl.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add Android EGL extensions.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Add _EGL_PLATFORM_ANDROID.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Enable extensions required by ES1 for i915c.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Fix depth/stencil with i915c/i965c.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Fix GL_OES_EGL_image with SurfaceFlinger.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Use __mmap2 in winsys/svga.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16android: Fix build with bionic.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16i965c: Fix a declaration in for loop.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16i965c: Add support for GL_FIXED.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16i915c: Add GL_OES_draw_texture support.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-16i915: Free with FREE.Chia-I Wu
2011-03-15mesa: use BITFIELD64_BIT() macroBrian Paul
2011-03-15st/mesa: use BITFIELD64_BIT() macro in a few more placesBrian Paul
2011-03-15glsl: add cast to silence signed/unsigned comparison warningBrian Paul
2011-03-15mesa: use 1UL for 64-bit unsigned constant for C++Brian Paul
2011-03-15glsl: Only allow unsized array assignment in an initializerIan Romanick
2011-03-15i915g: fix braino in the static state reworkDaniel Vetter
2011-03-15i915g: implement early zDaniel Vetter
2011-03-15i915g: split up static stateDaniel Vetter
2011-03-15i965: Fix alpha testing when there is no color buffer in the FBO.Eric Anholt