AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-02-27Update for 2012.02-rc32012.02_rc3Peter Korsgaard
2012-02-27uClibc: rename 0.9.33 syscall_ncs patchPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-26qemu/ppc-g3beige: update readme and use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/sh4-r2d: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/sparc-ss10: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/mipsel-malta: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/mips-malta: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/x86_64: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/x86: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26qemu/arm-versatile: update to use kernel 3.2.6Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-26customize: deprecate packagePeter Korsgaard
2012-02-26pkg-stats: update list of packages to be skippedLuca Ceresoli fix automatic host deps calculationPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-24ffmpeg: security bump to version 0.8.10Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-24libpng: security bump to version 1.4.9Gustavo Zacarias
2012-02-24kernel-headers: bump 3.0.x / 3.2.x stable versionsPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-24dropbear: bump version, fixes CVE-2012-0920Peter Korsgaard
2012-02-19Update for 2012.02-rc22012.02_rc2Peter Korsgaard
2012-02-19Add documentation for makedevMaxime Ripard
2012-02-16gst-dsp: bump version for DSP_API=2 bugfixPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-16uClibc: add upstream 0.9.33 fixesPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-15libecore: tweak makekeys workaround for make 3.82Peter Korsgaard
2012-02-14mxml: Use correct paths when installing into staging.Will Newton
2012-02-14busybox: bump 1.19.x stable versionPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-14python: workaround distutils issue with binary extensionsPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-14linux: bump 3.2.x stable versionPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-14kernel-headers: bump 3.0.x / 3.2.x stable versionsPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-13ffmpeg: fix altivec typoPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-13libvncserver: ensure target libgcrypt-config is usedPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-12news.html: add 2012.02-rc1 announcement linkPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-12Update for 2012.02-rc12012.02_rc1Peter Korsgaard
2012-02-12CHANGES: update with recent changesPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-12mplayer: fix libtheora linking issuePeter Korsgaard
2012-02-12libecore: fix build error when X support is disabled but host has X headersPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-12libecore: add optional tslib/glib/openssl/gnutls/curl supportPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-12libecore: fix directfb dependencyPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-11gst-plugins-base: add missing orc dependencyFelipe Contreras
2012-02-11gst-dsp: add dependency to pkg-configFelipe Contreras
2012-02-10package: add libvncserverPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-10ipsec-tools: get rid of explicit ipv6 handlingPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-10ipsec-tools: cleanup: remove trailing . after option textPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-10ipsec-tools: add option for dead peer detection supportPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-10freetype: add optional bzip2 dependencyPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-10linux: drop LZMA environment variablePeter Korsgaard
2012-02-09bzip2: add so.1 linkTrevor Woerner
2012-02-09docs: customize-toolchain: fix typoPeter Korsgaard
2012-02-09docs: Add customizing toolchain sectionSamuel MARTIN
2012-02-09dependencies: build a host-tar if no suitable tar can be foundThomas De Schampheleire
2012-02-09dependencies: add function suitable-host-packageThomas De Schampheleire
2012-02-09toolchain/crosstool-ng: update to 1.13.4Yann E. MORIN