AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-01-04Update Changelog1.1-rcThomas Bruederli
2015-01-03Merge pull request #255 from root-io/patch-1Aleksander Machniak
2015-01-03Fix config file sample tiny typoDavid Routhieau
2015-01-03Fix bug where sent message was saved in Sent folder even if disabled by user ...Aleksander Machniak
2015-01-03CS fixesAleksander Machniak
2014-12-29Display "real" attachment size also on attachments listAleksander Machniak
2014-12-29Fix syntax error and codestyle from recent PR mergeThomas Bruederli
2014-12-29Merge pull request #244 from alunduil/dockerizeThomas B.
2014-12-29Update changelogAleksander Machniak
2014-12-29Improve move-to and contact-export button in classic skin (#1490166)Aleksander Machniak
2014-12-29Fix offset of download iconAleksander Machniak
2014-12-28Add environment variable reading to configuration.Alex Brandt
2014-12-28Add SSL support to Dockerfile.Alex Brandt
2014-12-28Add Dockerfile.Alex Brandt
2014-12-28Synchronized localizations from TransifexThomas Bruederli
2014-12-28Update ChangelogThomas Bruederli
2014-12-28Fix rcube_utils::normalize_string() to support unicode characters + add argum...Thomas Bruederli
2014-12-28Make rcube_utils::strtotime() timezone aware (#1490163)Thomas Bruederli
2014-12-27Improve plugin selection in installer; check already selected pluginsThomas Bruederli
2014-12-27Use current year for timezone offset displayThomas Bruederli
2014-12-25Add _mbox parameter to the 'mark' request sent after opening a messageAleksander Machniak
2014-12-22Upgrade jQuery to version 2.1.3Aleksander Machniak
2014-12-22Fix js error when calling show_popup_dialog() without 'options' argumentAleksander Machniak
2014-12-22Fix rcube_utils::get_boolean() test to not use deprecated function aliasAleksander Machniak
2014-12-21Merge pull request #248 from flanpy/masterThomas B.
2014-12-19Update changelogAleksander Machniak
2014-12-18Add hint about the optional LDAP modules listed in "suggest" (#1490183)Thomas Bruederli
2014-12-18Update ChangelogThomas Bruederli
2014-12-18Enable updating of composer.json dependenciesThomas Bruederli
2014-12-18Sync vendor folder if exists in source package (#1490145)Thomas Bruederli
2014-12-18Properly set fuzzy_search for vlv searchesAleksander Machniak
2014-12-18Prevent folder selection changes if app is busy (#1490158)Thomas Bruederli
2014-12-18Avoid useless reloading list when resetting search with active filter (#1490057)Thomas Bruederli
2014-12-17Read page and page_size before check_recent hook is executedAleksander Machniak
2014-12-17Fix compatibility with assets_path settingAleksander Machniak
2014-12-17Merge branch 'master' of Machniak
2014-12-17Small improvements in About dialogAleksander Machniak
2014-12-16Remove focus from toggle item if clicked with the mouseThomas Bruederli
2014-12-16Fix skin inheritance for some icons (#149017)Aleksander Machniak
2014-12-16Fix legacy_plugin so it works with assets_path/assets_dirAleksander Machniak
2014-12-16Get rid of requests whitelist for security check bypassAleksander Machniak
2014-12-16Improve system security by using optional special URL with security tokenAleksander Machniak
2014-12-15Fix list icon for replied+forwarded+unread messagesThomas Bruederli
2014-12-14Set compose mode in session when needed - skip one session update when compos...Aleksander Machniak
2014-12-14Merge pull request #251 from Ch00k/masterAleksander Machniak
2014-12-14Clarify temp/logs directories permissionsAndriy Yurchuk
2014-12-13Don't log "No suitable function found for UTF-8..." as E_USER_WARNING.Aleksander Machniak
2014-12-10Update TinyMCE to 4.1.7, use cache_suffix option to prevent browser caching i...Aleksander Machniak
2014-12-10Assign "mainaction" class to "default" buttons in dialogsAleksander Machniak
2014-12-10Add missing composer.json files (skipped because of .gitignore)Aleksander Machniak