AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-08-05 c'est la merde..workingHugues Hiegel
2013-09-11Fix expanded thread root message styling after refreshing messages list (#148...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-11Merge branch 'master' of Machniak
2013-09-11After message is sent refresh messages list of replied message folder (#1489249)Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-10Improve handling of date strings and DateTime values in contactsThomas Bruederli
2013-09-10Support full address specification in contact email fields.Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-10Fix for case when email array is not flatAleksander Machniak
2013-09-10Enable groups import options selector if there's at least one writable source...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-09Add option force specified domain in user login - username_domain_forced (#14...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-09Fix some methods for rcube_addressbook implementations where contact email fi...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-09Add common headers to header selector (#1489271)Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-08Fix issue where From address was removed from Cc and Bcc fields when editing ...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-08Updated changelogThomas Bruederli
2013-09-08Add option to import vcards with group assignments (pull-request 105)Thomas Bruederli
2013-09-08Merge branch 'master' of Bruederli
2013-09-08Save groups membership in VCard export (#1488509)Thomas Bruederli
2013-09-08Workaround broken PHP function timezone_name_from_abbr (#1489261)Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-07Respect (multiple) config dirs from RCUBE_CONFIG_PATH when reading configured...Thomas Bruederli
2013-09-07Read RCUBE_CONFIG_PATH env variable for a list of directories that are search...Thomas Bruederli
2013-09-06Update changelogAleksander Machniak
2013-09-06Fix error_reporting directive check (#1489323)Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-06Make cached message size limit configurable - messages_cache_threshold (#1489...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-06Make identities matching case insensitive (#1485480)Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-04Aviod code duplication in timezone configuration handlingAleksander Machniak
2013-09-03Fix issue where too big message data was stored in cache causing sql errors (...Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-02Fix "PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for rcmail::log_login()"Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-02Log also failed logins to userlogins logAleksander Machniak
2013-09-01Fix "PHP Warning: Missing argument 1 for rcmail_compose_attachment_field()"Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-01Add release 0.9.4 milestone to changelogThomas Bruederli
2013-09-01Fix iframe scrollbars on webkit browsers (#1489306)Thomas Bruederli
2013-09-01Merge pull request #106 from JohnDoh/edit-foldersAleksander Machniak
2013-09-01Remove redundant colspan=2Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-01Merge pull request #101 from Dennis1993/patch-9Aleksander Machniak
2013-09-01Fix issue where legacy config was overriden by default config (#1489288)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-30Update changelogAleksander Machniak
2013-08-30Merge pull request #111 from dpc22/temp_dir_ttlAleksander Machniak
2013-08-30Fix newmail_notifier issue where favicon wasn't changed back to default (#148...Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-30Add temp_dir_ttl configuration option to control expiry time inDavid Carter
2013-08-29Allow setting INBOX as Sent folder (#1489219)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-29Fix setting of Junk and NonJunk flags by markasjunk plugin (#1489285)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-28Fix lack of Reply-To address in header of forwarded message body (#1489298)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-26folder admin: omit fieldset if there is only one sectionPhilW
2013-08-26Fix bugs when invoking contact creation form when read-only addressbook is se...Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-25Make save() method less memory consumptive, do not return attachment bodyAleksander Machniak
2013-08-25Strip spell checker error message for logging; remove unused sprintf()Thomas Bruederli
2013-08-25Fix identity selection on reply (#1489291)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-25Fix so additional headers are added to all messages sent (#1489284)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-25Fix error on new mail (message's headers object doesn't exist)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-24Fix display issue after moving folder in Folder Manager (#1489293)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-24Fix small style glitch on first toolbar button in recent FirefoxAleksander Machniak