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2015-04-21Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2015-04-19Fix decoding array headersAleksander Machniak
2015-04-17Fix bug where some unrelated attachments in multipart/related message were no...Aleksander Machniak
2015-04-09Fix font artifact in Google Chrome on Windows (#1490353)Aleksander Machniak
2015-04-09Fix handling spaces after <br> on html2text conversionAleksander Machniak
2015-04-08Remove useless codeAleksander Machniak
2015-04-08Fix so unrecognized TNEF attachments are displayed on the list of attachments...Aleksander Machniak
2015-04-06Fix so text/calendar parts are listed as attachments even if not marked as su...Aleksander Machniak
2015-04-06Fix tables listing routine on mysql and postgres so it skips system or other ...Aleksander Machniak
2015-04-03Remove Kolab's hack for Cyrus Murder bug in SETANNOTATION - it's not needed a...Aleksander Machniak
2015-04-01Fix PHP warning: Non-static method PEAR::setErrorHandling() should not be cal...Aleksander Machniak
2015-03-13Fix unintended DB session expiration - lost variable in refactoring (#1490316)Aleksander Machniak
2015-03-12Remove obsolete mt_srand() callsThomas Bruederli
2015-03-12Generate random hash for the per-user local storage prefix (#1490279); only u...Thomas Bruederli
2015-03-12Fix backtick character handling in sql queries (#1490312)Aleksander Machniak
2015-03-11Ignore plugin loading filter if force parameter is setThomas Bruederli
2015-03-11[HACK] displays pictures inside HTML messages...Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-09Fix session garbage collector handler registration after refactoringThomas Bruederli
2015-03-09Fix rcube_contacts::search() calls with empty search string but $required arg...Thomas Bruederli
2015-03-08Plugin API: added message_part_body hook, fixes around message structure hand...Aleksander Machniak
2015-03-06Merge pull request #257 from corbosman/session_refactorThomas B.
2015-03-04Fix "PHP Fatal error: Using $this when not in object context"Aleksander Machniak
2015-03-04minor fixescorbosman
2015-03-03Only normalize search term when searching in 'words' columnThomas Bruederli
2015-03-03Fix full-text searching in a given list of fieldsThomas Bruederli
2015-03-03Adapt fulltext search in local address book to ignore words orderThomas Bruederli
2015-03-03Add untility function to match strings ignoring word orderThomas Bruederli
2015-03-03Improve LDAP search by ignoring words order in fuzzy substring matching modeThomas Bruederli
2015-03-03Add utility function to compose a full-text-like LDAP search filterThomas Bruederli
2015-02-27remove commented out codecorbosman
2015-02-27use factorycorbosman
2015-02-27Fix duplicate entry on timezones list in rcube_config::timezone_name_from_abb...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-27Fix parsing ldap URI for cases where hostname is non-emptyAleksander Machniak
2015-02-27Fix parsing invalid HTML messages with BOM after <!DOCTYPE> (#1490291)Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-26Fix "Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically" error...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-25Reset default db_max_allowed_packet, fix max packet size detectionAleksander Machniak
2015-02-25Improve compose_search_name() to not return "email@address <email@address>" e...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-24Add possibility to configure max_allowed_packet value for all database engine...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-24Fix "PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getMessage() on a non-object"Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-24Really make sure plugins aren't initialized twiceAleksander Machniak
2015-02-24Use also Organization field as a fallback if contact has no name(s) specifiedAleksander Machniak
2015-02-23Fix regression where require_plugin() wasn't initializing the pluginAleksander Machniak
2015-02-22Fix fatal errors on systems without mbstring extension or mb_regex_encoding()...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-22Fix missing or not up-to-date CATEGORIES entry in vCard export (#1490277)Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-20Fix performance of rcube_db_mysql::get_variable()Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-19Fix handling of some improper constructs in format=flowed text as per the RFC...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-19session refactor and add redis drivercorbosman
2015-02-19Merge branch 'master' of Machniak
2015-02-19Fix setting max packet size for DB caches and check packet size also in share...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-19Merge pull request #259 from corbosman/plugin_preloadAleksander Machniak