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2013-11-27POuet poUETgusHugues Hiegel
2013-11-27Not gallons. Farenheits.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-27[gugus] new slipro digits managmentHugues Hiegel
2013-11-25[gugus] GUgUs {re-}Loaded :)Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-25[gugus] left/right : another way of using « QI »Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-25[gugus] session : don’t string.format(). Just printf ..Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-25[gugus] sector times : better managment of first lapHugues Hiegel
2013-11-22[Sectors] don’t catch erroneous last/best values...Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-22[Sectors] cleanupHugues Hiegel
2013-11-22cleanupHugues Hiegel
2013-11-22cfg updateHugues Hiegel
2013-11-22[gugus] loading trick. :)Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-22[gugus] *REAL* best sector times + some split sector times stuff.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-21[gugus] sector times telemetryHugues Hiegel
2013-11-21readmeHugues Hiegel
2013-11-21renamed READMEHugues Hiegel
2013-11-21[gugus] scripts renamingHugues Hiegel
2013-11-21old stuff backupHugues Hiegel
2013-11-21stuffHugues Hiegel
2013-11-21[gugus] controlsHugues Hiegel
2013-11-20cfg updateHugues Hiegel
2013-11-20[gugus] loaded. + higher time refresh valuesHugues Hiegel
2013-11-20[gugus] indent.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-20[gugus] ignignignignigngitionHugues Hiegel
2013-11-20[gugus] slipro digits : merged new version + added some stuffHugues Hiegel
2013-11-20[gugus] controls : rF/rF2 LCD switcher. Don’t work on special keys....Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-18[gugus] cleanupHugues Hiegel
2013-11- -> Hiegel
2013-11-18[gugus] controls : LCD up/down in rF/rF2 {WIP}Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-18[slipro] laps + current sectorHugues Hiegel
2013-11-18[Gugus] Gear : ignition/starter tests.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-18[Controls] debug OSPfactor feedbackHugues Hiegel
2013-11-18[fuel:remain] Oops. :)Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-17[gugus] slipro scripts cleanupHugues Hiegel
2013-11-17cfg updateHugues Hiegel
2013-11-15[Gugus] speedlimiterHugues Hiegel
2013-11-15[Gugus scripts] reorganization.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-15getTicks.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-15Sli PRO Digits.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-15CLEANUP.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-15rF2: manages ignition On/Off/Start with gear (No gear displayed when ignition...Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-15CleanupHugues Hiegel
2013-11-15SliMax Manager 3.++Hugues Hiegel
2013-03-01No init RPM led on SpeedLimiter methods 0 & 1Hugues Hiegel
2013-03-01SLI-Pro Gus.Hugues Hiegel
2013-03-01SLIMaxMgr III betaHugues Hiegel
2013-02-13[scripts] global: get gear even when engine/ignition is Offslimax2Hugues Hiegel
2013-02-13[config] gus.Hugues Hiegel
2013-02-13[scripts] speedlimiter : don’t reinit RPMleds on Led only methodsHugues Hiegel
2013-02-13Default SLIMaxManager II scriptsHugues Hiegel