AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-10-09Badges v2: pathinfo got one member leftfree.frHugues Hiegel
2009-10-09Put fonts in local dirHugues Hiegel
2008-04-17cached files : 24h -> 36h.Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-01Don't stores the tmp StatsFile if empty instead of storing it then deleting it..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-01Don't store empty stats.Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-31Moved /var/www/cache to /var/cache/wwwHugues Hiegel
2008-03-31Cache folder renamed.Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-03Get rid of .todo file.Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-03Quiet wget to get rid of LAAAAAARGE logfiles in /var/log/Hugues Hiegel
2008-02-04Stats reset does not seems to reset track count anymore..Hugues Hiegel
2008-01-18Repository creation from my ~/wwwHugues Hiegel