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free.frBadges v2: pathinfo got one member leftHugues Hiegel13 years
master[Cache] uses first two letters of username for subfolder.Hugues Hiegel11 years
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2012-01-19[Cache] uses first two letters of username for subfolder.HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[Duplicates] only remove 1-hit duplicates.Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[OutOfOrder] new image. it rocks. yeah.Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[Cache] better out-of-order managment, with redirect (no more "unavailable/in...Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[Cache] full path cache, to get mysql scripts work from 'outside' ...Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[DataBase] better cleanup scripts, very much faster, less CPU usageHugues Hiegel
2011-07-06Hides 'Go !' button with javascript enabled.Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-06Rewrites URL to get canonical names, with leading .png for pictures -w/ backw...Hugues Hiegel
2011-05-10index.php with users counterHugues Hiegel
2011-05-10htaccess updateHugues Hiegel