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2012-01-19[Cache] uses first two letters of username for subfolder.HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[Duplicates] only remove 1-hit duplicates.Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[OutOfOrder] new image. it rocks. yeah.Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[Cache] better out-of-order managment, with redirect (no more "unavailable/in...Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[Cache] full path cache, to get mysql scripts work from 'outside' ...Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-13[DataBase] better cleanup scripts, very much faster, less CPU usageHugues Hiegel
2011-07-06Hides 'Go !' button with javascript enabled.Hugues Hiegel
2011-07-06Rewrites URL to get canonical names, with leading .png for pictures -w/ backw...Hugues Hiegel
2011-05-10index.php with users counterHugues Hiegel
2011-05-10htaccess updateHugues Hiegel
2011-04-22[PHP] define errorsHugues Hiegel
2010-11-02Network error proof.Hugues Hiegel
2010-10-25[Cache] data cached once every hour, instead of 48hrs (before, they don't eve...Hugues Hiegel
2010-10-25whitespace cleanupHugues Hiegel
2010-10-25[Cache] hum.. forgot to store the username.. :)Hugues Hiegel
2010-10-25[Cache] better cache managment, with Check/Update timesHugues Hiegel
2010-10-25[Cache] better lastupdate management, and cache modification time based on it.Hugues Hiegel
2010-10-25[Cache] uses access time instead of modification time for Cache ExpirationHugues Hiegel
2010-10-07MySQL config out.Hugues Hiegel
2010-10-07Cache: better cache managment ?Hugues Hiegel
2010-10-05Htaccess for 404 and 410 errorsHugues Hiegel
2010-09-30Lot of cleanup.Hugues Hiegel
2010-09-27Remove useless shitHugues Hiegel
2010-09-27Adds margin to get full text with some fucking fontsHugues Hiegel
2010-08-30Day Of The Tentacle font.. (but no numbers.. grr..)Hugues Hiegel
2010-08-30Fonts path updateHugues Hiegel
2010-05-27[Bug] ... why did I inverted stats start and last update times !?Hugues Hiegel
2010-05-10styles generator updatesHugues Hiegel
2010-05-10More fonts !Hugues Hiegel
2010-05-10ereg -> preg_match , and some cleanupHugues Hiegel
2010-05-10[DataBase] little cleanupHugues Hiegel
2010-02-23Added cleanup scriptHugues Hiegel
2009-06-15Humm... big big bug onto mysql queries..Hugues Hiegel
2009-06-15[REMOVED] old fucking stuffHugues Hiegel
2009-05-27[Badges] advert to new BigLine stuffHugues Hiegel
2009-05-27[BigLine] width set to 200px instead of 300pxHugues Hiegel
2009-05-27[BigLine] removes 's' when only '1', and other minor stuffHugues Hiegel
2009-05-27[NEW] new «Big Line» badge, with bested stuff from Classic BadgesHugues Hiegel
2009-05-26Next Generation of Badges with format linesHugues Hiegel
2009-05-26Albums per Day ; + some cleanup done in variable namesHugues Hiegel
2009-05-26[Cache] don't cache gugusseHugues Hiegel
2008-12-12[DB] show-variants to help, and remove variants removes also #2 versionsHugues Hiegel
2008-12-11[DB] cleanup : display filenames to deleteHugues Hiegel
2008-12-11[DB] remove badges variants : script corrections + renamingHugues Hiegel
2008-12-11[DB] Displays which entries will be deleted with database.cleanupHugues Hiegel
2008-12-11[DB] mysql db cleanup scriptHugues Hiegel
2008-12-11[STYLES] GeneratorHugues Hiegel
2008-11-29We were testing the wrong variable name for mysql update..Hugues Hiegel
2008-11-12Badges is not a link anymore.Hugues Hiegel
2008-11-12Mysql stuff for stats and files for pictures cachingHugues Hiegel