AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-31Prepare for 2012.082012.08Thomas Petazzoni
2012-08-31Update CHANGES with resolved bugs in the 2012.08 cycleThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-31rrdtool: fix build with high BR2_JLEVEL settingsPeter Korsgaard
2012-08-29Remove BR2_SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR variableThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-29prboom, oprofile: Add explicit <foo>_SITE statementsThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-28remove rest of the BR2_SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR referencesStefan Fröberg
2012-08-27sqlite: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-26luajit: bug fix - prevent target CFLAGS from being used in host tool compile.Danomi Manchego
2012-08-26cups: uses fork(), only available on MMU platformsThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-26microperl: uses fork(), only available on MMU platformsThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-25Prepare for 2012.08-rc32012.08_rc3Thomas Petazzoni
2012-08-25distcc: only available on MMU platformsThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-25system/init: add option for no init systemYann E. MORIN
2012-08-24bash: security bump to version 4.2 pl37Gustavo Zacarias
2012-08-24ifplugd: add --with-initdir= to config commandShawn J. Goff
2012-08-24gpsd: Fix lacking simplejson module error at buildMaxime Ripard
2012-08-24Mention that BR2_SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR is deprecatedThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-24freetype, libfuse, libpng, x11vnc, zlib: get rid of BR2_SOURCEFORGE_MIRRORStefan Froberg
2012-08-22inotify-tools: fix licenseLuca Ceresoli
2012-08-22zxing: add version of the Apache licenseThomas Petazzoni
2012-08-22netsnmp: add fix for CVE-2012-2141Gustavo Zacarias
2012-08-22barebox: fix license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-22inotify-tools: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-22fontconfig: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21librsync: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21rsync: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21fbdump: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21nano: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21faad2: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21alsa-utils: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21alsa-lib: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-21zxing: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21zlib: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21yajl: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21libglib2: make codegen python2/python3 compliantSamuel Martin
2012-08-21xloader: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21uboot: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21syslinux: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21grub: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21barebox: add license informationSimon Dawson
2012-08-21docs/manual: fix cross-referenceYann E. MORIN
2012-08-17Added QMAKESPEC to the list of unexported symbolsStephan Hoffmann
2012-08-15Update for 2012.08-rc22012.08_rc2Thomas Petazzoni
2012-08-15imagemagick: security bump to version 6.7.8-8Gustavo Zacarias
2012-08-15spawn-fcgi: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-15socat: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-15psmisc: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-15openssl: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-15mtd: add license infoDanomi Manchego
2012-08-15lighttpd: add license infoDanomi Manchego