AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-18stuff.HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2019-10-18typescript powerHugues Hiegel
2019-08-29[listchars] Manage spaces + tweak colorsHugues Hiegel
2019-08-29[bindings] quickkeys for textwidthHugues Hiegel
2019-08-29[statusline] Give enough room for LineNR columnHugues Hiegel
2019-07-26[FuzzyFinder] Use bundle instead of static filesHugues Hiegel
2019-07-12[RobotFramework] vim pluginHugues Hiegel
2019-07-12[Python] Python-mode fantastic IDEHugues Hiegel
2019-06-13[Syntax] Added JenkinsfileHugues Hiegel
2019-06-13[Colors] Better status line with full CMD / INS differentiationHugues Hiegel
2019-06-13[Tabs/Spaces] PowerUP !Hugues Hiegel
2019-06-12[Plugins] Added smarttabsHugues Hiegel
2019-05-22No more relative line numbersHugues Hiegel
2019-05-22[colors] blue++Hugues Hiegel
2019-05-22[cc/tw] This IS GREAT STUFF !Hugues Hiegel
2018-11-07Plein de trucs en vrac... J’ai honte..Hugues Hiegel
2018-11-07Vim Modules en vracHugues Hiegel
2017-09-07Easyyyyyyyy ’Mooooootionnnnnss...Hugues Hiegel
2017-08-23NERD colorsHugues Hiegel
2017-08-23NERD tree + git pluginHugues Hiegel
2017-08-23Obsession : session managerHugues Hiegel
2016-03-09[colors] Blue.Hugues Hiegel
2016-03-09[pathogen] Use bundles.Hugues Hiegel
2016-03-09[bundle] added Abolish, to search/replace patterns while preserving case.Hugues Hiegel
2016-03-09[bundle] moved linediff as bundleHugues Hiegel
2016-03-09[keys] remapped footnotes into normal mode only + starting footnotes at 1, no...Hugues Hiegel
2016-03-09[tabs] try to detect indentation at each buffer... (well.. it tries..)Hugues Hiegel
2016-02-16[binding] Remapped normal ‘U’ to draw given character as a text underlinerHugues Hiegel
2016-02-16[cscope] Add binding to reset cscope connection (== refresh database)Hugues Hiegel
2016-02-16[syntax] hook for Lilo config filesHugues Hiegel
2016-02-16[keys] swaped j/k with gj/gkHugues Hiegel
2016-02-16[statusline] simplified.Hugues Hiegel
2016-02-16[colors] red++.Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-17DimInactiveWindows: annoying. commented out.Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-09wtf docHugues Hiegel
2015-02-27[colors] red : added ColorColumn.Hugues Hiegel
2015-02-25[colors] redHugues Hiegel
2014-12-23[plugins] VimWiki + Todo PowerHugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[spell] files.Hugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[Vcs] Go away !!Hugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[keys] No more timeouts for <ESC> sequences, and othersHugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[split] Splits vertically as most as possible, and right-bottomed.Hugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[colors] putty-compliant red colorschemeHugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[map] comments/uncomments C code blocks/linesHugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[map] use norecursive mappingsHugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[map] lightens vim displayHugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[focus] Color inactive windows (vim >= 7.3 ..)Hugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[colors] red++Hugues Hiegel
2014-12-18[syntax] todo++Hugues Hiegel
2014-12-18New statusline + pretty fillcharsHugues Hiegel