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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-01Fix PHP warning: Non-static method PEAR::setErrorHandling() should not be cal...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-22Fix fatal errors on systems without mbstring extension or mb_regex_encoding()...Aleksander Machniak
2015-02-16Set version number to 1.2-gitAleksander Machniak
2015-02-07Bump version and copyright yearThomas Bruederli
2015-02-03Better handle log/temp directory misconfigurationAleksander Machniak
2014-11-16Code improvements and fixes (mostly unused variables and methods)Aleksander Machniak
2014-10-13dirname(__FILE__) -> __DIR__Aleksander Machniak
2014-08-28Get rid of DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for consistencyAleksander Machniak
2014-08-27Remove 3rd party libs from our repository and define the dependencies in comp...Thomas Bruederli
2014-03-19Bump version number to 1.1-gitAleksander Machniak
2013-09-06Fix error_reporting directive check (#1489323)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-23Fix unquoted path in PREG expression on Windows (#1489290)Aleksander Machniak
2013-08-16Let the framework adjust the include_path if necessaryThomas Bruederli
2013-06-20Canonize boolean ini_get() results (#1489189)Aleksander Machniak
2013-06-16Remove session.auto_start setting. It is already too late to set this option.Aleksander Machniak
2013-05-29Remove (move to bc.php) unused strip_newlines() and strip_quotes() functionsAleksander Machniak
2013-04-26Fix exit code on bootsrap errors in CLI mode (#1489044)Aleksander Machniak
2013-03-28Skip some irrelevant ini checks in CLI modeThomas Bruederli
2013-03-22Bump up also RCUBE_VERSIONAleksander Machniak
2013-02-19Revert "Make autoloading of the framework classes work from any location".Aleksander Machniak
2013-02-18Make autoloading of the framework classes work from any locationThomas Bruederli
2013-01-09Welcome to 2013Thomas Bruederli
2012-12-20Fix version comparisons with -stable suffix (#1488876)Aleksander Machniak
2012-12-18Cleanup, remove file paths from docAleksander Machniak
2012-11-27Define RCUBE_CHARSET in place of RCMAIL_CHARSET for naming consistencyAleksander Machniak
2012-11-25Unify path schema in global constants: paths always end with a /. Keep RCMAIL...Thomas Bruederli
2012-11-25Separate framework and application constantsThomas Bruederli
2012-11-25Define more (uniquely prefixed) constants for Roundcube directories in order ...Thomas Bruederli
2012-11-21Framework files moved to lib/RoundcubeAleksander Machniak