AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-18stuff...HEADmasterHugues Hiegel
2019-08-01[Aliases] New GLOBAL aliases for quick-refsHugues Hiegel
2018-11-07Modifs en vrac.... (Sérieusement !?)Hugues Hiegel
2018-10-02[Term Titles] Fix broken `%` escape sequence protectionHugues Hiegel
2017-10-12[Prompt] battery load / usageHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27Update my bindingsHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27Update my aliasesHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27Update zshhighlight colorsHugues Hiegel
2017-07-27[Prompts] update ssh-agent patternHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Anevia] Debian packaging full nameHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Anevia] Specific funcsHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[YeahConsole] ++Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18Colors..Hugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Git] Internals : Discards error messages in some casesHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Funcs] _process_tree: Adds « -f » option for full command-lineHugues Hiegel
2015-06-18[Keychain] Uses own script. No argsHugues Hiegel
2015-05-06[Aliases] pbuilder : export envvars between «sudo» and «pbuilder» …Hugues Hiegel
2015-05-06[user] new login :)Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-17[net:foret] Funcs.Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-17Merged from Anevia.Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-01Merge branch 'git'Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-01[Zshrc] user before host/domain (hack)Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-01[Funcs] Don’t check for ~/.pbuilderrc if it doesn’t exist..Hugues Hiegel
2015-04-01[Prompts] Strips domain from ssh_clientHugues Hiegel
2015-04-01[anevia] Added host-specific config for gitHugues Hiegel
2015-04-01[anevia] moved host to, +added symlinkHugues Hiegel
2015-03-30[zshrc] Recurse-load. :)Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-30[Anevia] specific config filesHugues Hiegel
2015-03-30[zshrc] DOMAIN : gets rid of bizarre error message output to stdout..Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-30[Prompts] Cleanup project : Use %v wildcards in PS1 - Step #1Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-30[Funcs] Git/SVN : git-svn tracking now for realHugues Hiegel
2015-03-26[Keys] configure/make : check presence of filesHugues Hiegel
2015-03-26[tmux][screen] termcaps, titles, prompt colors..Hugues Hiegel
2015-03-02[Env] termcaps Vs process_tree : don’t stick strickly up to binary pathHugues Hiegel
2015-02-25[user] new loginHugues Hiegel
2015-02-25[zsh-syntax-highlighting] updateHugues Hiegel
2014-01-24[Git] aliases.Hugues Hiegel
2014-01-24[Keys] don’t ask. seriously.Hugues Hiegel
2014-01-24hiegel / hugues account fuckupHugues Hiegel
2014-01-24Revert "[Colors] hugues != hiegel"Hugues Hiegel
2014-01-24Colors.Hugues Hiegel
2014-01-24[Submodules] uses pretty-namesHugues Hiegel
2013-11-22zsh-syntax ++Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-22[Compsys] files++Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-22[Git] updates internals.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-13[Completion] Endurance series.Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-13[Prompt] Trick or treat ?Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-13[Alias] Just for fun : « make me a sandwich *what* ? »Hugues Hiegel
2013-11-13[Prompts] DafUq with the color ⁉ Can’t remember any fucking idea ’bout it.Hugues Hiegel