AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-06-15[Keys] resets every keybindings to defaultskeys-segfaultHugues Hiegel
2009-06-15[Options] expands braces character classesHugues Hiegel
2009-06-15[Prompt] Gets and show current CVS tagHugues Hiegel
2009-06-05[Funcs/GIT] better rebasing promptHugues Hiegel
2009-06-05[Funcs] cleanup, fake spaceHugues Hiegel
2009-06-05Merge branch 'master' of maison:/git/zdotdirHugues Hiegel
2009-06-05[Aliases] ls -tr and more..Hugues Hiegel
2009-06-05[Prompts] better multibyte on/off managment for ssh/gpg agentsHugues Hiegel
2009-06-05[Funcs/git] shows added files in git branchHugues Hiegel
2009-06-04[Env] sudo_passwordHugues Hiegel
2009-06-04[Sweethome] PS1_COLORS moved to host:paranoid/user:huguesHugues Hiegel
2009-06-04[Darwin] updated env pathsHugues Hiegel
2009-06-04[Prunelle] Specific config for Darwin-OSHugues Hiegel
2009-06-04[ZSHRC] OS-specific configHugues Hiegel
2009-06-03[Funcs/git] Get branch on an initialized repo with symlink HEADHugues Hiegel
2009-05-27[Funcs] corrects 5e37075e.. : does git-ls-files AND git-ls-tree, in case of n...Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-26[Keys] don't do git-repack -d -a anymore because of 'repack', but do git-gc i...Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-26[Env] man & info paths update, with best priority to local man/info pagesHugues Hiegel
2009-05-26[Funcs] git-ls-tree instead of git-ls-files,Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-19[Env] git-core from local install tooHugues Hiegel
2009-05-19[Funcs] tests is '=', not '==' !!Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-15[Funcs] grrr, just missed up an error redirection..Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Hashes] OWHugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[OW] Hash RTEL4IHugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Sanity] umask 022Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Zlogin] cleanupHugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[localdomain] removed unmeaningful symlinkHugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Colors] simplification of PS1_USER colors, and moved them into EnvironmentHugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Zlogin] removes stale .tmp.screen-list ..Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-14[Funcs] Better empty git repositories managmentHugues Hiegel
2009-05-11[Funcs] testing if we are on an not-yet-initialized-git-reposHugues Hiegel
2009-05-11[OpenWide] couleur saumon pour le shell,Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-11Reprise du commit 3a5944e~ : Appel à 'chpwd' au démarrage du shell.Hugues Hiegel
2009-05-11[ZLOGIN] better screen managmentHugues Hiegel
2009-04-28[Colors] get back to blue for screen sessionsHugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Colors] opera.openwide ; sort of grayHugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Colors] groumpf.opera.openwide turned into red/black instead of blue/redHugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Keys] no more sourcing, but resets and execsHugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Aliases] 'hg' conflicts with mercurial..Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Keys] sweethome : 'mails' only for users who have a ~/.procmail/Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Hashes] sweethome ~workHugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Funcs] chpwd updated to show todo & whenHugues Hiegel
2009-04-20[Funcs] show sudoed user in screen titleHugues Hiegel
2009-04-09[Prompts] SSH/GPG multibyte compliant char test. TBC...Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-09[Prompts] SSH/GPG agents char mngmt. to be continued..Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-09[Options] better managment of non-existing options (such as multibyte.. ;))Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-09[Keys] binds AltGr+Space to single SpaceHugues Hiegel
2009-04-03Merge commit 'origin/master'Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-03[Keys] execs zsh after a reset, to get a fully resetted terminal :)Hugues Hiegel
2009-04-03[Env] git-* commandsHugues Hiegel