AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-06-13not multibyte-compliantno-utf8HIEGEL Hugues
2008-06-13"clear" with prompt recalculation has been set up to ESC-L instead of C-l.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Anti-concurrential git-status for prompt update...Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Renamed hash dirs to their original Disc Letters..Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13'mails' has nothing to do there, except on hosts paranoid & delphine...Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13OpenWide (Paris - Opéra) specific config has been regrouped.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Removed this annoying ':' between path and git/svn revHugues Hiegel
2008-06-12User 'g178241' is specific to osn.sagem network.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-11Some cleaning up because of f*cked up merges...Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-11PuTTY does not support unicode on window titles..Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-10Added net:osn.sagem because I got my own Linux desktop..HIEGEL Hugues
2008-06-10Some updates.HIEGEL Hugues
2008-06-10svn diff instead of svn status, that's quicker...HIEGEL Hugues
2008-05-24In case DOMAIN contains nothing...Hugues Hiegel
2008-05-24Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hiegel
2008-05-22Personnalized non-UTF8 title for PuTTY terms.Hugues Hiegel
2008-05-22Color definition for 'grep'Hugues Hiegel
2008-05-22Sweethome !Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24"Workspaces" are called "Worksets" here...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24MANPATH & INFOPATH both set to ~/local pages..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Moved specific "mails" command to specific hosts paranoid & delphine.Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24- Added a workspace hashdirHugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Un bug de gnome-terminal qui n'aime pas trop les couleurs "bizarres"...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24exports kivonbien.Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Config spécifique Sagem OsnyHugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Env vars for Sagem Osny - URD 44 devHugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Better definition of the WATCHFMT.Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Colors codes moved to env,Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Get rid of this fucking SHELL binded to tcsh...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24Environnement de dev..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24~/local/bin is better than ~/bin ...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-09Merge branch 'ow'Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-09Merge 'ow' dans 'master' / Reverts OpenWide-specifics configHugues Hiegel
2008-04-09Source dash.conf on openwide-desktop.Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08Don't use anymore the user "openwide" on this fucking dev machineHugues Hiegel
2008-04-08blunderer renamed to patate !Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08Prompt colorized in yellow for user openwide@openwide-desktopHugues Hiegel
2008-04-08Sur le v-lab, j'ai envie de faire gaffe..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08An exec magically proposing a sudo to user openwide when connecting..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08EDITOR binded to ~/sbin/vim which points to /usr/bin/vim instead of /usr/loca...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08Affichage de l'@ IP au lieu du nom de la machine (vu qu'il veut rien dire)Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08Pas de gestion de l'option "multibyte" avec zsh@openwideHugues Hiegel
2008-04-08umask 066 -> 022..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-08A bit more useful 'make' keybinding..Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-04World-readable new files & folders.Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-02Debug dans la fonction precmd()Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-02^L binded to call directly "clear" in order to recalculate the prompt...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-02nouvelle colorization des branches GIT..Hugues Hiegel
2008-03-27Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hiegel
2008-03-26Zlogin lightened.Hugues