AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-01-08[ENV] Update STLinux 2.3oldmasterHugues Hiegel
2008-10-30Redisplays prompt with current time before executing a commandHugues Hiegel
2008-10-30Rewrites f**g home folder into more beautiful one when loggued with ADHugues Hiegel
2008-10-30Best management of ~ folder for sudo loginsHugues Hiegel
2008-10-28ESC-L bound to lowercase instead of 'clear', which is never used (because I p...Hugues Hiegel
2008-10-28Do not check {git,svn} {status,branch}Hugues Hiegel
2008-10-17Adds a "Rebasing" info in git-rev.Hugues Hiegel
2008-10-17Sets THIRDPARTYLIB envvar.Hugues Hiegel
2008-10-17Bug sur HOST dans l'adaptation iBookHugues Hiegel
2008-10-12Adaptations iBookHugues Hiegel
2008-10-08dev.null as JUNK folderHugues Hiegel
2008-09-30Uses 'git-repack -d -a' for M-GHugues Hiegel
2008-09-30Environment update for osn.sagemHugues Hiegel
2008-09-30Adds a 'rebase' when a rebase is in progressHugues Hiegel
2008-09-30Merge commit 'origin/master'Hugues Hiegel
2008-09-30host:delphine/user:hugues is now a link to host:paranoid/user:huguesHugues Hiegel
2008-09-30When outputs an header of 2 lines which annoys me...Hugues Hiegel
2008-09-17MàJ des licences et suppression du statut de shellscript pour les **/*.zshHugues Hiegel
2008-09-17Modification des chemins de travailHugues Hiegel
2008-08-25When only when outputs. ;)Hugues Hiegel
2008-08-25Corrects an error while calculating spaceleft..Hugues Hiegel
2008-07-09Replaced 'r[emove]t[emp]' by 'reset', most usefulHugues Hiegel
2008-07-03Using Audacious @ workHugues Hiegel
2008-07-02user g178241 for network eurodecHugues Hiegel
2008-07-02Kernel EXPORTS.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-20Merge branch 'master' of ssh://maison/work/repos/zdotdirHugues Hiegel
2008-06-20Re-added "~/local/{s,}bin" into PATH for net:osn.sagemHugues Hiegel
2008-06-20Tiny bug while managing host:osnp1260077/user: with preprint()Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-20Revert "Anti-concurrential git-status for prompt update..."Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-18Revert "Anti-concurrential git-status for prompt update..."Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Dumped config from net:eurodec to net:osn.sagem.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13"clear" with prompt recalculation has been set up to ESC-L instead of C-l.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Anti-concurrential git-status for prompt update...Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Renamed hash dirs to their original Disc Letters..Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13'mails' has nothing to do there, except on hosts paranoid & delphine...Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13OpenWide (Paris - Opéra) specific config has been regrouped.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-13Removed this annoying ':' between path and git/svn revHugues Hiegel
2008-06-12User 'g178241' is specific to osn.sagem network.Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-11Some cleaning up because of f*cked up merges...Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-11PuTTY does not support unicode on window titles..Hugues Hiegel
2008-06-10Added net:osn.sagem because I got my own Linux desktop..HIEGEL Hugues
2008-06-10Some updates.HIEGEL Hugues
2008-06-10svn diff instead of svn status, that's quicker...HIEGEL Hugues
2008-05-24In case DOMAIN contains nothing...Hugues Hiegel
2008-05-24Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Hiegel
2008-05-22Personnalized non-UTF8 title for PuTTY terms.Hugues Hiegel
2008-05-22Color definition for 'grep'Hugues Hiegel
2008-05-22Sweethome !Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24"Workspaces" are called "Worksets" here...Hugues Hiegel
2008-04-24MANPATH & INFOPATH both set to ~/local pages..Hugues Hiegel